There is a kind of magic when thinking about roulette, other number games or game machines. We try to “charm” numbers, considering some of them lucky, for example because they are parts of some important dates or are thought to win more frequently than others. Sometimes we try science, using probability theory to select winning numbers. We use formulas, systems, calculations and methods. Because the total coincidence and luck is the most difficult thing to believe in.

If it doesn’t help at least it doesn’t do any harm. What actually can be dangerous? First, lack of restraint. When we sit at the table at the beginning we need to figure out how much we are willing to lose. When we come closer to this sum it is better to stop than to count on the next winning round. Inability to say “stop” is the first step to be addicted to gambling.

It is quite similar when you win. It is better to stop when you just won certain amount of money than continue the game hoping to multiple the sum. It hardly ever happens. You need to have control other both your emotions and money.

What else is also not recommended? Surely it is not worth betting one number only with all your money. Winnings would be high, but chances are scarce. The best idea is to divide money and bet more sensibly, e.g. red or black, odd or even, higher or lower bets or column bets.