Gambling games have existed for ages. The origins of most of them are unknown, yet we know that the most popular game was created in the United States. The first „one-armed bandit” (also referred to as „slot machine”) was designed by Charles Fey in San Francisco in 1887.

Before Fey’s invention there had been other machines whose operation was based on luck. Most of these devices had provided cigarettes or free drink as a form of prize. However they had differed from what we now call „one-armed bandit”.

Fey’s machine was different in that it provided chips. The machine was equipped with three rolls. Each roll had various symbols: horseshoe, spades and diamonds. If you have inserted a coin and pulled a lever and all three rolls showed a diamond – you won the prize. This is why the machine is called Diamond. Ever since Fey’s machines came into existence, the design of „one-armed bandit” based on three rolls has become a standard.

Although such machines were forbidden in many states, their popularity with Americans kept on growing. In 1940 Bugsy Siegal implemented first slot machines in Las Vegas casino – they were supposed to provide fun to gamblers’ wives and girlfriends. Nobody, even Charles Fey, supposed that emergence of „one-armed bandit” would change the world of gambling.

Nowadays slot machines come as the most popular kind of entertainment in modern casinos. Every casino offers at least a dozen various types of „one-armed bandit”. They are user-friendly but you can win a lot at them. Particularly in progressive machines where gamblers can gain much profit through the so-called Jackpot, that is pool which gathers lost funds. One lucky player may have a jackpot. Such wins are often high, up to 1 million dollars.

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