Playing blackjack, gamblers use a specific jargon. See below for the most popular words and phrases:

Blackjack – a hand desired by all players, composed of ace and 10 or ace and face card, that is jack, queen or king. The total of points in blackjack is 21.

Breaking hand – a hand with the total number of 12 points or more. One additional card may cause you to exceed 21 points and therefore have a bust (go bankrupt).

Bust – bankrupt; a moment when you draw a card and exceed 21 points. This means instant loss.

Double down – doubling the rate in return for drawing one additional card.

Draw – drawing; every additional card you receive, apart from first two.

Insurance – additional bet paid 2 to 1 if the dealer has a blackjack.

Hand – first two cards you receive at the beginning of the game.

Hit – drawing another card.

Natural – other term for blackjack.

Pat hand – hands with 17 or more points (or 18 and more when ace is included in the hand).

Push – a draw; it occurs when you and dealer have the same number of points. Your bet is returned to you.

Soft hand – a hand value with ace which cannot exceed 21 after receiving an extra card.

Split – this variant lets you split a pair of identical cards (e.g. AA, KK, 55) and play them separately.

Stack – pile of chips at the table, in front of the player.

Stand – waiting; you are allowed not to draw cards when you are satisfied with your hand or when drawing is too risky.

Ten – cards with a value of 10 points. These are all face cards and 10.

Upcard – dealer’s uncovered card, visible at the beginning of the game. It determines the player’s further strategy.