Wait (stand)

Drawing cards is not always the best choice. If the dealer has 3, 4 ,5 or 6, and you have 12 points or more – it is more advisable to wait.

Draw (hit)

If the dealer’s card is 7, 8, 9, J, Q, K or Ace, draw a card when the total of your points is 16 or less.

Split aces and eights

Always split two aces and eights. Splitting aces raises chances of getting 21 points. Two eights give 16, that is the worst hand as you are bound to go bankrupt (bust).

Double the rate

When your score is 11, you’d better double the rate, except when the dealer has ace. Doubling the rate is a good step when you have 10 points and the dealer’s card is lower than 10.

Be focused

Do not worry and do not pay attention to other players, even if they are temporarily lucky. Just play and adhere to our tips.

Raise the rate

Split cards and double rates when likelihood of winning grows. Do not let a big chance result in low wins.

Remain calm

Be clear-headed and do not take unnecessary risk just because you are bored or you fail to win for some time. Do not raise the rate just because you lost in last four dealings.


Insurance is a risk – take it if you wish to add some thrill to the game and when you don’t expect to win.