What should we know about roulette when we sit at the table for the first time? This is legal gambling, and it requires a wheel with 37 fields (38 in American version), a small ball, a croupier (someone who leads the game), one to eight players and tokens which represent money. Each player has tokens in a different colour to avoid mistakes when they are placed on board. Players do not play against each other but against the casino. Losses go to the casino, as well as winnings come from there. Rules are simple: you need to place your tokens on chosen fields, depending on your intuition. So this game is intuitive and random. Players have no influence on the ball and the field on which it stops. The money goes to the person who placed his token on the field on which the ball stopped.

The game starts from making bets. When the croupier calls the end of betting he spins the wheel and release the ball in the opposite direction to the wheel’s swirling. Sometimes players make bets during spinning, so it could high their chances. When the ball stops at the zero field, all bets go to the casino and players who placed their tokens there. When it stops at any different number – the winner is the person who betted this number.

There are a few possibilities for making bets. There are for example inside bets. You can also come across outside bets, but they don’t work in all casinos.