Gambling without leaving home? Why not? Online casinos exist for a dozen or so years, and thanks to them you can experience emotions just like these in classic casinos. There is no need to adjust to dress code required by the elegant ”gambling den”. You can bet wearing your slippers and celebrate victory with a glass of champagne without leaving your computer.

What are the differences between the online and traditional versions? Rules are the same, and winnings are accidental. European roulette is more popular on the internet (differently than in classic casinos, where American roulette, with two zeros, is more common), so we have higher chances to win.

You can play online roulette with real, even really big sums of money. If you count on high winnings you need to bet high. It is risky, because if you lose loss is bigger. These players who do not want to risk their money can play using virtual money. Emotions might be smaller, but the entertainment is still great. 

Some enthusiasts of gambling treat online roulette as the assault course before the real battle at the real casino. They can try systems and strategies, which supposedly guarantee the victory. For the beginners virtual roulette with virtual money is a gambling school. Some stay at that level, others become so involved that  they lose control and get addicted to gambling.